Comrade Coop project ScyNet wins a 250k investment reward at CEE Block

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Winning the start-up pitch contest at CEE Block was a blast. It also validated that investors share our vision and see the potential of a transparent platform for AI builders. As the biggest blockchain forum in Central and Eastern Europe, CEE Block brought together high-level policymakers from the European Commission and European Union member states, […]


How Comrade will enable DAOs and Autonomous AI – Bloomberg TV – Interview with Todor Kolev

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Bloomberg Bulgaria invited the co-founder and Chairman of the Comrade Cooperative, Todor Kolev, to talk about the two main projects the coop is working on: Wetonomy – our system for Decentralized Governance of Organizations – ScyNet – Autonomous Infrastructure for Training AI – The video is with English subtitles and there is also a […]

Why I Quit My Job to Work in a DAO

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations — a glimpse into the future of work I was working in a good company with good people, and earning good money. Why did the entire thing feel so meaningless? Every generation probably feels like they are the most screwed in history. Yet, this belief is especially true for millennials. Lazy, entitled, and […]

Joining forces with Æternity Ventures – Partnership Announcement

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The Comrade Cooperative and Æternity Ventures concluded an agreement for strategic partnership in the field of developing innovative blockchain projects. Æternity Ventures aims to support ambitious projects on the blockchain which use the Æternity platform. The Æternity blockchain platform allows for a large number of blockchain transactions carried out simultaneously along with its security, intuitive […]


Reinventing Organizations EU – Todor Kolev on the future of work. Are private companies a thing of the past?

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Back in December 2017, during the Reinventing Organizations conference, Todor Kolev was invited to give a talk about his take on the future of work. He presented his journey from starting Obecto to co-founding the Comrade Cooperative. It took a while for the organizers to publish the video, but its here now and it is a […]