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Capitalism is not enough anymore

Technology allowed us people to be more efficient than ever before. Still we've never felt so overwhelmed by work. Competing with each other, just trying to keep our jobs. Working in capitalist structures optimized for the profits of few stakeholders, rather than the happiness of those who do the actual work. We look up to taxi and booking apps as the pinnacle of the shared economy. Yet can't help but feel them as another monopoly. Knowing that there must be more...



Generations of human beings were transformed into machines in the relentless pursuit of material wealth: We lived to work. The Third Industrial Revolution and the collaborative era offer humanity the opprtunity to liberate itself from the grip of mechanized life...

Building an organization worthy of the future

Comrade coop is not a corporate structure. We are an autonomous digital cooperative, managed through members' democratic consensus. Utilizing blockchain we collaborate remotely, manage agreements, fund each other ideas and share the profits of our labour. All of which as we see fair.

Decentralized organization
Transparent decisions
Technocratic community
Blockchain smart contracts
Work-life balance
Governement participation
Fair profit sharing
Funding members' ideas

Blockchain empowered cooperation

Through smart contracts and internal tokens we can empower cooperatives with transparency, trust and automation on every level.

Budget allocation

Our cryptosystem allocates Comrade tokens from the Operational Fund to the budgets and projects of the cooperative.

Profit distribution

Through our Dividends Distribution Smart Contract the net profits of the cooperative are distributed transparently to the Operational Fund and the coop members, based on their contribution.

Democratic governance

Coop's highest authority are its members. Each member has one vote,  when it comes to really important decisions, while the day to day operations are transparently managed through delegated democracy.

People's happiness comes first

People choose the projects to work on

We believe people are more productive and happy when they can choose where to invest their efforts. Comrade's structure allows for such freedom.

We share the profits of our success

We incorporate blockchain smart contracts to distribute the profits we generate together. The share of the profit members receive is automatically calculated based on their contribution.

Giving peer to peer rewards

It's a great feeling when your personal efforts are appreciated and rewarded. In Comrade members' contributions are acknowledged by peer rewards.

Support by a technocratic community

Our members pride themselves on their knowledge, skills and values. Despite our different backgrounds we share a life long desire to learn and support each other in this endeavour.

Current Projects

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